Certified Forensic Arborist
Certified Forensic Consultant
Board Certified Master Arborist
Certified Pesticide Applicator
Registered Consulting Arborist #222




  • I independently advise and educate the client to make informed decisions using current, reliable information, clear, specific recommendations, and simple, basic instructions to manage their tree and plant health care problems and concerns.
  • I am not a salesman, client employee or agent, but an independent arboricultural expert, advisor, and consultant concurrently having 49 years of hands-on field experience, 43 years of specialized continuing education in arboriculture and its related domains, 40 years as an (ISA) tree and plant appraiser for evaluation (condition) and valuation (monetary value) as presently recognized by the State of Virginia and its courts, 35 years as a certified pesticide applicator and consultant, and 30 years as a Registered Consulting Arborist (RCA #222).
  • I offer competitive hourly rates for the actual time to carefully research, prepare, and complete all retained contractual client assignments and services. I calculate this time to the closest ten minutes of the hour to ensure the accuracy of all client invoices.
  • I do not perform any of the actual prescribed tree maintenance or have any personal or financial interest in this matter as the client's advisor. For these reasons, I refer known regional, experienced, licensed and insured International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists to submit written cost proposals for the client’s consideration at no obligation.
  • I write the client's tree and plant specifications for these cost proposals according to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A-300 standards for all tree care operations coast to coast to ensure the uniformity of these cost proposals submitted by the certified arborists. I also provide personal supervision of all prescribed tree maintenance for clients requiring this special service.
  • I provide independent, detailed forensic investigations for clients and their tree and plant related problems and concerns. If authorized, I provide independent, unbiased written reports and appraisals for these investigations, including opinions and reasoning, unedited photographs, accurate appraisal and cost worksheets, reviewed research, and supporting documents which may be used for litigation support, insurance proof-of-loss claims, and casualty loss values.
  • I also provide independent, objective expert testimony for clients (plaintiff or defendant) in need of this service and the litigation support required by their counsel. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services are also offered to participants prior to any litigation proceedings.
  • I may provide these client assignments and services as either a non-testifying certified forensic consultant or as a testifying forensic expert, depending on the client’s situation at the time, but in either event, my expert reports, testimony, appraisals, and opinions must be independent, truthful, and unbiased in their bases and reasoning, and free of all undue influences from any source.
  • I have enjoyed an excellent reputation over the past 49 years as an objective, independent, and reliable arborist, consultant, and advisor. My professional, friendly, and ethical approach to client problems and concerns builds trust, respect, and credibility, based on positive response to actual performance, and gives The Tree Consultant credible value on which the client can rely and expect.



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